Legislators Agree: Gov. Scott Right to Roll Back Car Fees

Senate President Don Gaetz said: “The Senate fully supports tax relief and welcomes Governor Scott to the cause of reducing vehicle registration fees. We applaud his support for Senator Negron’s legislation, which for the second time in two years advances a fee reduction proposal that will leave more money in the pockets of hardworking Florida families by providing a necessary and welcome reduction in vehicle registration fees. Moving forward, we will work with the Governor on the specifics of his proposal. The scope, amount and timing of the reduction in vehicle registration fees will be the product of the legislative process and further consideration of Senator Negron’s proposal, which I fully support.”

House Speaker Will Weatherford said: “Governor Scott has been laser focused on reducing the cost of living for Florida families since his first day on the job. Today’s announcement is just one more example of his leadership in this area. The Florida House looks forward to reviewing this proposal. It’s too early for us to commit to specific details, but we are ready today to embrace the Governor’s concept of a significant tax cut.”

Senator Andy Gardiner (President-Designate) said: “As Florida’s economy improves, we should look for ways to keep more money in the pockets of hardworking Florida families. Rolling back taxes and fees is the right thing to do.”

Representative Steve Crisafulli (Speaker-Designate) said: “I appreciate Governor Scott’s proposal to roll back vehicle fees, and I look forward to working with him and our legislative colleagues to provide meaningful tax relief to Florida families in 2014.”

Senator Joe Negron said: “I was proud to stand with Governor Scott today as he announced his plan to put more money back into Floridians pocketbooks. Reducing auto tag fees is a smart way to continue to move Florida forward.”

Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto said: “At a time when Florida’s economy is recovering, I support Governor Scott for working to keep more money in the pockets of hard working Floridians and their families.”

Senator Garrett Richter (President Pro-Tempore) said: “Giving Floridians more of their money back is the best thing we can do to ensure Florida keeps its economic momentum. Rolling back these burdensome fees is a great way for Governor Scott to show his commitment to ensuring all Floridians can benefit from Florida’s recent economic success.”

Senator John Thrasher said: “There is no doubt that we need to do all we can to return hard-earned tax dollars to Florida’s families. I support Governor Scott in his efforts to roll back taxes and fees and look forward to helping him make these tax cuts a reality.”

Senator Jack Latvala said: “As Florida’s economy continues to grow and expand, Florida’s families should also benefit. I support Governor Scott’s effort to roll back burdensome fees on Florida drivers.”

Senator Tom Lee said: “Today’s announcement is good news for all Floridians and Florida businesses. Once this fee reduction goes into effect, Floridians won’t be subject to burdensome taxes every time they have to register their automobiles. Thank you to Governor Scott for his leadership on this issue.”

Senator Dorothy Hukill said: “With over a billion dollars in projected surplus, Florida families should get a refund. I support Governor Scott’s plan to roll back car fees.”

Senator Bill Galvano said: “I support Governor Scott in his efforts to reduce the tax burden on Florida residents.”

Senator John Legg said: “I am proud to support Governor Scott’s plan to roll back the fees that drivers pay every year. The relief from these fees will help Floridians keep more of their own money.”

Representative Marti Coley (Speaker Pro Tempore) said: “Today our Governor went to bat for Florida families by announcing his recommendation to roll back car tag fees. The higher fees created a hardship for many, and I agree with Governor Scott: Floridians deserve a break. The fees should be rolled back to allow our citizens to keep more of their own hard earned money.”

Representative Seth McKeel said: “Reducing taxes and fees will put money back into the pocketbooks of Florida families. I thank Governor Scott for his commitment to letting Floridians keep more of their hard-earned money.”

Representative Mike Hill said: “As sponsor of legislation to reduce registration fees for Florida’s drivers, I applaud Governor Scott’s efforts to support Floridians by keeping more money in their pockets.”

Representative Dana Young said: “We should continue to repeal burdensome taxes and fees affecting Florida’s families. I applaud the Governor’s commitment to putting money back into the pockets of hard working Floridians.”

Representative Ritch Workman said: “Over the last few years, under the direction and leadership of Rick Scott and the Republican Legislature, we have instituted many broad-based tax incentives and tax reductions for Florida’s businesses. As a result, Florida’s economy is recovering quickly. In order to continue this recovery, the time is right to reduce tax burdens on the citizens of Florida. I strongly support and am working toward a tax reduction package that will affect all Floridians.”

Representative James Grant said: “The Governor is focused on making sure Florida families keep more of their hard earned money at home. These tax cuts will go a long way to accomplish exactly that and I look forward to working with him on the issue.”

Representative Jake Raburn said: “Governor Scott is committed to returning money back to hard working Floridians. This fee reduction is one of the best ways to benefit nearly all Floridians.”

Representative Daniel Raulerson said: “Reducing the driver’s fees that Floridians pay is a great way for Governor Scott to demonstrate his dedication to cutting taxes and helping Florida’s economy.”

Representative Ross Spano said: “High motor vehicle fees place an unnecessary strain on Floridians. I am pleased that Governor Scott wants to undo this bad policy and give money back to hard working Floridians.”



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