Weekly Radio Address 11/18/2011

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Weekly Radio Address – Friday, November 18, 2011

Hi, this is Governor Rick Scott.

As I’ve traveled the state this year, I’ve heard story after story about the fraud involved in Florida’s PIP auto insurance. People who are doing the wrong thing are using our statute intended to lower your auto insurance costs to dramatically raise your auto rates.

I traveled the state with CFO Atwater. We’ve had meetings with consumers in Tallahassee, Miami, Orlando, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale. We’ve heard story after story of staged auto accidents, about people who are worried to drive their cars because they are worried that someone will intentionally hit their car to try and make money off of their auto insurance policy. This $10,000 benefit is costing consumers thousands of dollars every year.

My expectation is that we will get this fixed this legislative session. I have four pillars that I expect the Legislature to work on to reduce the cost of your auto insurance. As you know, if we don’t fix this problem, your auto insurance rates will continue to rise, year after year.

The first pillar is fraud prevention. We’ve got to stop this unbelievable amount of fraud.

Next is litigation reform. This should not be something that lawyers can use to make money off of.

Third, utilization and provider reform. We have to make sure that if you’re getting a procedure, you’re getting a procedure that makes sense, not a procedure where the provider makes money and you get no benefit.

Last, we’ve got to have accountability. Like a lot of things in government, we need more accountability. So, please call your House and Senate members and let them know that you expect them to support PIP reform so we can reduce the cost of auto insurance in Florida.



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