Today’s Bill Action by Florida Governor Rick Scott

Governor Rick Scott signed the following bills into law today:

HB 23 Canned or Perishable Food Distributed Free of Charge – This bill relates to public schools and charitable organizations.

CS/SB 106 County Employees – This bill relates to the authority of county governments to vary employee benefits.

HB 117 Public Retirement Plans – This bill relates to police pension plans for those receiving police protection services from the city of Jacksonville/Duval.

CS/HB 115 Public Meetings/University Direct-Support Organization – This bill relates to public meeting requirements for certain meetings.

HB 231 Admissions Tax – This bill relates to Major League Soccer All Star games and certain National Basketball Association related events.

CS/SB 236 Renaming of Florida College System Institutions – This bill renames Florida College System Institutions.

CS/HB 313 Single-Gender Public School Programs – This bill relates to gender-specific schools.

CS/HB 337 Florida Teachers Classroom Supply Assistance Program – This bill allows school district to distribute Teacher Classroom Supply Program funds early to teachers.

CS/SB 358 Athletic Coaches for Youth Athletic Teams – This bill protects students by requiring independent sanctioning authorities to conduct level 1 background screenings for athletic coaches.

SB 386 Application of Foreign Law in Courts – This bill codifies existing case law on matters related to family law.

CS/CS/HB 433 Relating to Education – This bill relates to standards and teachers.

CS/CS/CS/HB 487 Agricultural Industry Certifications – This bill provides students with more access to attain agricultural industry certification.

CS/CS/CS/HB 489 Subsurface Rights – This bill relates to home sales and subsurface rights.

HB 605 Alcoholic Beverage Licenses, Lake and Sumter Counties – This bill revises criteria for special alcoholic beverage licenses for entities operating within Town of Lady Lake and Sumter County.

CS/SB 646 OGSR/Postsecondary Education Records and Applicant Records – This bill relates to public records and student education records.

CS/SB 648 OGSR/K-12 Education Records – This bill relates to public records and education records of K-12 students.

CS/SB 656 OGSR/Active Investigations of Allegations of Testing Impropriety – This bill relates to public records for the identities and conduct of persons and schools in certain circumstances.

HB 683 Hillsborough County – This bill allows local agencies the authority to opt out or opt into provisions that regulate personnel functions.

CS/CS/SB 730 Municipal Governing Body Meetings – This bill relates to municipalities and meeting boundaries.

CS/CS/HB 755 Courts (formerly “Relating to Family Law”) – This bill allows greater discretion for judges in child support matters.

CS/HB 803 Communications Services Tax – This bill ensures data processing services are not subject to communications services tax.

HB 809 Manatee County –This bill relates to the Manatee County Law Library.

HB 817 City of Cocoa, Brevard County – This bill annexes the Pinecrest Cemetery and Evergreen Memorial Park into the City of Cocoa.

HB 885 Manatee County – This bill repeals special act relating to mandatory nonprofit use conditions in local leases and conveyances.

CS/HB 911 City of Panama City, Bay County – This bill authorizes certain sales of alcoholic beverages for consumption off-premises at special events in downtown Panama City.

HB 915 Board of Trustees of Bay Medical Center, Bay County – This bill relates to membership on the Board of Trustees of Bay County Medical Center.

HB 919 Bay County Tourist Development Council, Bay County – This bill revises rules for membership on the council.

HB 931 West Palm Beach Firefighters Pension Fund – This bill amends and clarifies certain provisions of the West Palm Beach Firefighters Pension Fund.

SB 932 Florida Statutes (Reviser Bill) – This bill adopts the Florida Statutes 2014 and designating the portions thereof that constitute the official law of the state.

SB 934 Florida Statutes (Reviser Bill) – This bill deletes provisions that have expired, have become obsolete or have other errors.

SB 936 Florida Statutes (Reviser Bill) – This bill amends and repeals provisions to delete those which have become inoperative by noncurrent repeal or expiration.

SB 938 Florida Statutes (Reviser Bill) – This bill amends provisions to conform references within the Florida Statutes to the Department of Children and Families.

SB 940 Florida Statutes (Reviser Bill) – This bill updates Florida Statutes to replace statutory references to certain terms.

SB 942 Florida Statutes (Reviser Bill) – This bill revises statutes to omit statutory provisions granting duplicative, redundant, or unused rulemaking authority.

CS/HB 949 East Naples Fire Control Rescue District, Collier County – This bill revises district boundaries for purposes of annexing Isles of Capri Fire & Rescue District into district; requires referendum.

CS/HB 951 Collier County – This bill merges East Naples Fire Control & Rescue District & Golden Gate Fire Control & Rescue District, to create new district; requires referendum.

CS/HB 993 Pub. Rec./Animal Researchers at Public Research Facilities – This bill relates to public records and public research facilities.

CS/HB 1143 Acme Improvement District, Palm Beach County – This bill clarifies and corrects the boundaries of the district.

CS/HB 1145 West Palm Beach Police Pension Fund – This bill amends and clarifies certain provisions of the West Palm Beach Police Pension Fund.

HB 1199 Orange County Civic Facilities Authority, Orange County – This bill repeals the special act and abolishes the authority; transfers assets & liabilities of the authority to the county.

HB 1297 Lealman Special Fire Control District, Pinellas County – This bill relates to fire and rescue services in unincorporated Pinellas County.

HB 1335 Loxahatchee Groves Water District, Palm Beach County – This bill provides for dedication of certain easements to public.

CS/HB 1337 Loxahatchee Groves Water Control District – This bill provides for dedication of canal maintenance easements to the district.

HB 1367 City of Vero Beach, Indian River County – This bill authorizes the issuance of additional temporary permits to sell alcoholic beverages in downtown Vero Beach.

CS/CS/HB 1373 Lee County/Village of Estero – This bill creates the Village of Estero and requires a referendum.

HB 1399 Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, Hillsborough County– This bill relates to the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority.

HB 1401 Town of St. Leo, Pasco County – This bill de-annexes specified areas of municipal land from the boundaries of the Town of St. Leo.

CS/HB 1441 Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District, Monroe County – This bill relates to residential accounts for certain persons.

CS/CS/HB 1443 City of Ocala, Marion County – This bill authorizes a nonprofit civic organization to issue certain additional temporary permits for the Ocala downtown area.

CS/CS/HB 1445 Citrus County Hospital Board – This bill provides for hospital and facilities to be leased to a for-profit entity.

CS/CS/CS/SB 1632 Special Districts – This bill provides additional transparency and accountability measures regarding special districts; re-organizes the chapter.

CS/SB 1642 Education Accountability – This bill relates to the school grade calculation.

SB 1676 Internal Revenue Code – This bill updates the references in the Florida Corporate Income Tax Code to conform to the U.S. Internal Revenue Code in effect on January 1, 2014.

SB 1664 Arbitration – This bill corrects the description of a cross-reference in a law enacted by the Legislature in 2013.

CS/HB 7081 Tax Administration – This bill adopts the Department of Revenue’s legislative package.



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