Three Days, Three Reasons Florida’s Economy is Getting Better

Jobs package signed, recruiting NY businesses, some good economic news

Job Vantage

Gov. Scott signs legislation reforming Florida's WorkForce Boards

This has been a momentous week for Florida’s economy. Over the past three days, major economic legislation became law, Governor Scott launched an aggressive effort to recruit out of state buisnesses to Florida, and the state received more good economic news.

First, on Wednesday, the Florida Legislature delivered and Governor Scott signed a major portion of his 2012 Jobs and Economic Development Package into law. Find out more.

On Thursday, Governor Scott launched an initiative to reach out to 100 New York based CEO’s to ask them to consider moving their businesses to Florida. He laid out the case for Florida in a letter to 100 specifically targeted companies and announced the effort live on Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox News:

And today, just as the Governor signed legislation to bring more accountability to our job training centers and WorkForce boards, the National Bureau of Labor Statistics released data showing that Florida’s economy added another 10,100 jobs in February and the unemployment rate dropped to 9.4%, the lowest point in more than three years.


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