Statement from Governor Rick Scott Regarding Veterans Day

11/10/2011 Tallahassee, Fla. – “Since 1918 our country has set aside November 11 to recognize and observe the sacrifices of the members of our Armed Forces who dedicate their lives to preserving the democratic ideals that are the foundation of our country. While it is important to remember the dedication and service of our nation’s veterans every day, tomorrow we will pause to say a special word of thanks to honor them.

“From securing our homeland to advancing the cause of freedom, we recognize that our nation’s veterans have selflessly given of themselves to this country. Some have paid the ultimate price – laying down their lives on battlefields across the world to advance the noble causes of liberty and justice in regions wrought with tyranny and oppression.

“As Floridians and Americans, we do well to follow the example set by our veterans by giving more of ourselves to others. In doing so, we pay tribute to those whose sacrifices have granted us the privileges of freedom, democracy, and unmatched opportunities to live out our dreams.

“To Florida’s more than 1.6 million veterans: Your service speaks to your sense of duty, honor, integrity, and courage, whether in war time or in peace. As veterans ourselves, Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll and I are both deeply proud of the time we served in the United States Navy, and we honor all veterans of our Armed Forces and the Florida National Guard. To say thank you is not enough. We owe you so much more.

“Ann, Lt. Governor Carroll and I encourage you to approach this day with a restored sense of appreciation for our military, both past and present. It is because of our men and women in uniform that we have the gift of freedom – to choose where we work, where we worship, and how we live our lives. Let us never take for granted our blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, for they come to us only through great sacrifice.”

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