Letter from Governor Rick Scott to Chief Inspector General Melinda Miguel

Dear Ms. Miguel:

On October 18, 2012, I stated in a letter to Barry Gilway, President of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, that I was troubled by his decision to disband Citizens’ Office of Corporate Integrity and terminate its four employees. I explained that while I understood his stated desire to reduce redundancy and create efficiencies within Citizens, such efficiencies could not be achieved at the expense of accountability, transparency, and compliance. I urged Mr. Gilway to use greater caution with any future decisions affecting internal controls.

On Friday, a report released by Citizens’ Audit Committee revealed that shortly before their terminations, employees within the Office of Corporate Integrity were investigating allegations that Citizens had mismanaged internal investigations, applied disciplinary procedures inconsistently, and mishandled corporate funds. In light of this report, the timing of the firings raises new concerns. Given the appearance of impropriety, I request that you conduct a thorough review of the terminations to determine whether any of them were retaliatory in nature.

The people of Florida are entitled to accountability and transparency within every aspect of our government. Accountability and transparency require an adequate number of independent, highly trained professionals. My administration will not tolerate any action taken to undermine these safeguards. Your report will allow me to assess whether the taxpayer resources that support Citizens are properly protected and whether corrective action is needed to enhance compliance at Citizens.



Rick Scott



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