Governor Scott’s Weekly Radio Address – Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Listen to Governor Scott’s Address

As a parent and a grandparent, I know how important it is for our children to get a great education. A quality education is the key to unlocking the door of opportunity in America. There is nothing our children cannot do if they are given the tools they need to succeed – and that begins in the classroom.

This week, I am traveling all across Florida to meet with teachers, parents and students in order to get their ideas for ways we can strengthen our education system. Our goal is better prepare our kids for college and careers. Some of my meetings will be roundtables where I will sit down and have a conversation on the types of policies we need to put in place at the state level.

Other times, I will chat with teachers over breakfast or lunch when they have a break from the classroom. I look forward to having these discussions on our state’s education policy and I am excited to get feedback from the people we meet with.


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