Today Governor Scott vetoed HB 249, a bill regarding public records exemptions.

The veto letter is below and available in a PDF here.


June 14, 2013

Secretary Kenneth W. Detzner

Secretary of State

Florida Department of State

R.A. Gray Building

500 South Bronough Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32399


Dear Secretary Detzner:

By the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Florida, and Article III, Section 8, of the Constitution of Florida, I do hereby veto and transmit my objections to Committee Substitute for House Bill 249, enacted during the 115th Session of the Legislature of Florida, during the Regular Session of 2013, and entitled:

An act relating to public records…

This is a bill related to House Bill 247, which requires that the uniform statewide voter registration application include a field for the applicant’s email address. This bill seeks to create a public records exemption for email addresses obtained as part of the voter registration process. The mailing addresses of Florida’s registered voters have traditionally been part of the public record as a means of delivering important information on election-related issues, and to facilitate communication from elected officials to their constituents. In the modern age of electronic communications, email is increasingly the most convenient and efficient means to receive information that was previously sent through the mail. In order to ensure that voters continue to have efficient access to election-related materials and information, it is essential to keep these channels of communication open to the public.

For these reasons, I withhold my approval of Committee Substitute for House Bill 249 and do hereby veto the same.




Rick Scott



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