Governor Scott stands behind Florida’s Military

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Florida prides itself as being our country’s most military-friendly state. As governor, it is my job to keep it that way. The defense sector is the third largest economic generator for our state. In 2010, the total economic impact of Florida’s defense industry was $60 billion.

It is vital for our economy and security that our military installations and defense industry remain strong. As veterans, Lt. Governor Carroll and I also recognize the importance of supporting our military and their families. That is why we hold regular meetings with Florida’s top-level military personnel. These meetings have fostered more cooperation between the state and Florida’s military base commanders.

We understand that we all must work together to support servicemembers and their families. These meetings have also brought about new laws that help military spouses find work and ensure military children can succeed in our great schools. Thank you to everyone involved in making Florida the most military-friendly state in the nation.


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