Governor Scott Signs Cuba-Syria Bill, Sends Message that Florida Will Not Support Doing Business with Countries that Oppress Freedom

Governor Rick Scott signed legislation today intended to prevent taxpayer dollars from ending up in the hands of companies with business ties to the dictatorships of Cuba or Syria. House Bill 959 lays the groundwork to prevent state and local governments from entering contracts worth $1 million or more with businesses operating in Cuba and Syria.

“The records of the Castro and Assad governments are undeniably oppressive, and have worked in ways that are counter to American interests,” Governor Scott said. “The legislation I’m signing today is designed to protect Florida taxpayers from unintentionally supporting dictators that suppress freedom and the rights of individuals, but we must have a federal partner that will permit this law to become operative.”

This legislation demonstrates Florida’s commitment to spreading political and economic freedom in Cuba and Syria and builds on previous legislation that prohibits state and local government contracts with companies doing business in Sudan and Iran. The bill also ensures that the State Board of Administration will not have the opportunity to vote on a proxy resolution that would call for expanded United States trade with Cuba or Syria.

“The Cuban and Syrian regimes are no better than the Iranian and Sudanese regimes, and the federal government should consistently permit the states to impose the same sanctions on each of these dictatorships,” said Governor Scott. “I call on President Obama to introduce federal legislation that would permit Florida to enforce this important law.”

The full text of Governor Scott’s signing letter.


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