Governor Scott Signs Bill Making Distribution of Harmful Materials to Minors a Felony

Today, Governor Rick Scott signed HB 113 making it a third-degree felony for an adult to knowingly distribute harmful materials to a minor on public or private school property, or post harmful material on public or private school property. Governor Scott was joined by Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho and school board members of Miami-Dade County at Hialeah Gardens Elementary School to sign this legislation, which was created after incidents of this occurred at Miami’s Winston Park K-8 Center.

Governor Scott said, “As a father and grandfather, it is important to protect our children, and parents must know that when they send their kids off to school in the morning, they are safe. Today, I am proud to sign a bill that will make it a third degree felony to distribute obscene materials to minors on school property. This new law will keep our children safe at a place that should be a safe haven– our schools.

“I also want to applaud bill sponsors Senator Anitere Flores and Representative Manny Diaz for their commitment to ensuring this bill became law, and I am pleased they were able to join us today.”

Senator Anitere Flores said, “I applaud Governor Scott today for officially making it a felony in the state of Florida to distribute obscene materials at our schools. This law will help protect the innocence of Florida’s children and I thank the legislature for all of their support in getting this bill passed and on to the Governor.”

Representative Manny Diaz said, “I want to thank the legislature and Governor Scott for supporting this important bill that will make our children safer at a place where they should feel secure and away from harm. Our schools need the support from the state to protect Florida’s children and this new law offers that.”

Representative Eddy Gonzalez said, “Today is a great day for children in Miami and all across Florida. Governor Scott and the legislature have passed a bill that will further protect our students while they attend school- something all Florida parents should be thankful for.”

Miami-Dade County Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho said, “A constant, overarching goal of educators is the safety of students. This legislation will go a long way in helping to ensure that children are safe from materials that could impact them negatively.”

School Board Member Carlos L. Curbelo said, “Today our children are safer thanks to Representative Diaz, Senator Flores and Governor Scott. This law highlights the important role community engagement plays in our government.”


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