Governor Scott: Removing Sales Tax on Manufacturers is Victory for Job Creators

Governor Rick Scott today applauded the Florida Legislature for passing priority legislation to eliminate the sales tax that manufacturers pay when purchasing equipment in Florida.

Governor Rick Scott said, “This is a huge victory for families across Florida. For too long, Florida manufacturers have been targeted by a tax on manufacturing equipment that other states didn’t burden their companies with. With this legislation, that unfair advantage came to an end. By removing the tax on manufacturing equipment, Florida businesses will now be able meet their full potential and finally be on a level playing field when competing against other states and countries. Manufacturers outside of our state will now have access to our 15 ports and incredible workforce. I applaud the Legislature for doing the right thing to grow jobs and opportunities for Florida families. This is a huge victory for the Sunshine State.”

Senator Dorothy Hukill said “The elimination of the tax on manufacturing equipment was a top priority for families in Central Florida – and this will provide area businesses with more resources to expand and hire more workers. I especially want to thank Governor Scott for his unwavering support of job growth.”

Representative MaryLynn Magar said, “I was proud to join Governor Scott in our efforts to grow jobs for the people of Florida. This is a tremendous victory for manufacturers in the state, and will lead to more job growth and greater prosperity for families in Palm Beach and Martin County. “

Mark Wilson, President and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce said, “The state of Florida took a major step forward in making our state more competitive. For far too long, Florida has been at a competitive disadvantage by being the only state on the Atlantic seaboard and on the Gulf coast to charge sales taxes on manufacturing equipment. As Florida’s trade and logistics industry grows, and as we are poised to take advantage of the expansion of the Panama Canal, lifting the manufacturing and equipment sales tax will help ensure Florida is prepared to take full advantage of these new opportunities, to double Florida-origin exports in the years to come, and to create more high-skill, high-wage manufacturing jobs.”

Tom Feeney, President and CEO of the Associated Industries of Florida said, “Tonight was a huge win for Florida manufacturers and the state’s economy. I want to applaud Governor Scott and the Legislature for eliminating the tax on manufacturing equipment. With this tax eliminated, Florida manufacturers will have the opportunity to compete and succeed nationally.”

Doug Wheeler, President & CEO, Florida Ports Council said, “Increasing manufacturing in the state of Florida is key to growing exports and increasing the high-paying, stable jobs available around the state. The Florida Ports Council is grateful for the vision and commitment by Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature in making sure that our economy continues to grow and succeed.”

Florida Power & Light Co. President Eric Silagy said, “Our company knows that when Florida thrives, we all win, and in this spirit, we applaud the Governor’s leadership and Legislature’s commitment to lowering taxes to make Florida even more competitive. Manufacturers employ thousands of Floridians and can drive broad economic growth. When products ranging from tabletops to turbines are being built here in Florida, it’s good news for every one of us who call this state home. ”

Bill Herrle, Florida Executive Director of the National Federation of Independent Business said,“On behalf of NFIB and our state’s small-business community, tonight is a huge victory for Florida manufacturers. We appreciate Governor Scott’s commitment this session to eliminating barriers on manufacturers. This is a win for Florida.”

Bill Johnson, chairman of the Florida Ports Council and Port Director of PortMiami said, “Speaking on behalf of the Florida Ports Council and as Director of PortMiami, I would thank the Governor and Florida Legislature for their work on this important issue. Eliminating the manufacturing machinery and equipment sales tax, provides a powerful incentive for increased manufacturing in our state and will help create much needed jobs. Growing manufacturing in Florida is vital to increasing international trade and commerce. For seaports, this is not only about the inbound cargo containers. We also need to fill the outbound containers if we are to realize our goal to make Florida a major logistics hub and compete in the global marketplace. We can only do this by increasing our manufacturing sector, thereby boosting export opportunities.”

Roy Schleicher, JAXPORT CEO said, “Increasing the manufacturing of Florida goods will support efforts to grow exports and international trade in our state. With JAXPORT’s exceptional connections to global trade lanes, manufacturers can already get their goods quickly to market. In order to attract more manufacturing, adopting this legislation will eliminate unnecessary obstacles to their success so we fully achieve our mission of providing jobs and opportunity for Florida citizens.”

Wayne Stubbs, Port director of Port Panama City said, “Florida’s modern ports combined with a positive business climate is a winning combination. Governor Scott’s initiative to eliminate sales tax for investments in manufacturing equipment will help us all attract new manufacturing jobs to our communities.”

Clyde E. Mathis, Port director of Port of Pensacola said, “The Florida Ports community is greatly appreciative of Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature’s hard work on passing and signing into law the sales tax emption on manufacturing machinery and equipment. This effort will result in increased manufacturing across Florida and an increase in our participation in exporting goods to the global economy. Florida’s ports have prepared our infrastructure system.”

Manny Almira, Port Director of Port of Palm Beach said, “There is no doubt that the ports in Florida will benefit from an increase in manufacturing in our state. We are confident that the elimination of the sales tax on manufacturing equipment passed by the Florida Legislature and championed by Governor Rick Scott will ultimately help the Port of Palm Beach and all of Florida’s ports.”

Paul Anderson, Tampa Port Authority CEO said, “I applaud the Governor and the Florida Legislature for the passage of legislation eliminating the state sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment. This legislation is a critical step that illustrates how our policymakers are recognizing the importance of supporting manufacturing and freight movement that will propel our economy forward.”

Nancy Stephens, Executive Director of the Manufacturers Association of Florida said, “Representing Florida’s manufacturing community, I applaud the Florida Legislature for passing legislation that will help grow manufacturing jobs in the Sunshine State. Cutting taxes for manufacturers will help ensure Florida’s economy continues to prosper.”

Peter Bartolotta, Executive Director, and a board member of the North Port Economic Development Corporation said, “Manufacturing is key to helping Florida’s economy move forward and we saw a victory today in the Florida Legislature with the passage of Governor Scott’s priority to eliminate barriers on manufacturers.”

Kelly Smallridge, CEO, Business Development Board of Palm Beach County said, “The elimination of the tax on manufacturing equipment is a huge win for Florida. This will give businesses the ability to invest in their companies and employees, which means we’ll generate more jobs and opportunities for Florida’s economy. The Governor and the Legislature deserve a lot of credit for passing this smart initiative.”



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