Governor Scott Hosts Inaugural Teacher of the Year Summit

~ Florida’s high-performing teachers convene to share best practices ~

Today, Governor Rick Scott launched his inaugural Teacher of the Year Summit, bringing teachers from around the state to the Capitol for a two-day workshop and celebration of the nation’s best teachers.

The 2013-2014 District Teachers of the Year will join Governor Scott and Education Commissioner Tony Bennett for a summit that will provide a forum for Florida’s great teachers to share best practices, ideas and suggestions that could help improve Florida’s public school system. The two-day event includes workshops, a roundtable discussion with Governor Scott and opportunities to learn and share with their colleagues.

Governor Scott said, “We have worked hard this year to ensure our education system will prepare our students for college or a career, and offer teachers a well deserved pay raise. I am honored to be the first Florida Governor to host Florida’s Teachers of the Year in Tallahassee and I look forward to working with them as we continue to strengthen our education system.

“Teachers are the backbone of Florida’s education system and they work diligently every day to prepare our students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in college and the workforce. I have listened to and met with teachers from all grade levels and subject areas and they all share a commitment to ensuring that all students can succeed.”

Commissioner of Education Dr. Tony Bennett said, “Thanks to Governor Scott’s leadership and commitment to teachers, we have this opportunity to bring our best and brightest teachers together as we work to move Florida’s education system to the next level and implement Florida’s rigorous Common Core State Standards.”

“As chair of the State Board of Education, I am grateful to Governor Rick Scott for his commitment to Florida’s teachers,” said Gary Chartrand. “Governor Scott’s bold leadership is transforming our education system; from providing Florida’s teachers a pay increase to convening this inaugural Governor’s Teachers Summit. He is making a difference in the lives of students and educators.”

“I commend Governor Rick Scott for bringing Florida’s brightest teachers together to share best practices and talk about what’s working and how to improve our education system,” said John Colon, member of the State Board of Education. “The Governor’s Teachers Summit honors Florida’s District Teachers of the Year for their commitment to student success and their contribution to our state.”

“Sharing best practices with top teachers inspires me to bring new approaches to my classroom and district. I am excited and honored that Governor Scott has provided the opportunity for Florida teaching to be in the spotlight,” said Patricia Gair, Lee County District Teacher of the Year and 2014 finalist.

Nancy Smith, Citrus County District Teacher of the Year and 2014 Florida Teacher of the Year Finalist said, “The Governor’s Summit offers a unique opportunity to dialogue and exchange ideas with experts in my field. I am traveling to Tallahassee as a student, eager to gain knowledge and practices that will fuel me into the new school year. My anticipation is high; I know this will be a rewarding, edifying experience.”

“We are in the profession of empowerment,” said Duval County District Teacher of the Year Apryl Shackelford, who is also a 2014 finalist. “I look forward to the empowering experience of working with some of our great state’s elite teachers at the Governor’s Inaugural Teacher of the Year Summit. I am excited for the opportunity to expand my knowledge, hone my skills and add to my tools as we share our expertise and best practices. Certainly every teacher involved will leave the summit motivated and inspired knowing that we have gained something to further impact the lives and academic success of our students.”

“The Governor’s Inaugural Summit is an incredible opportunity for outstanding educators from around the state of Florida to come together; not only to share best practices via collaboration and team building, but also establish lasting relationships among fellow teachers,” said Dorina Sackman, Orange County District Teacher of the Year and 2014 finalist. “Today we will increase the communication needed to meet and exceed the needs of all Florida’s children both in and out of the classroom.”

“Presenting at the Governor’s Summit is such a privilege! There are so many to thank for my successes…colleagues, industry experts, community partners and parents,” said Katrin Rudge, Sarasota County District Teacher of the Year and 2014 finalist. “I truly believe, what really makes it work are the students. Once you capture their passion, then the possibilities are endless! As one student said, “Your imagination is our vision!” I look forward to delivering that message at the Summit!”

More than 40 District Teacher of the Year winners are participating in the summit.

2013-14 District Teachers of the Year photo album.

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The 2014 Florida Teacher of the Year will be named on July 11, 2013 during the Florida Department of Education/Macy’s Teacher of the Year Roundtable/Gala in Orlando.



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