Governor Scott: Florida Families First Budget Makes Strategic Transportation Improvements

Governor Rick Scott today highlighted the Florida Families First budget’s strategic investments to improve Florida’s infrastructure.

Governor Scott said, “Florida’s infrastructure is ranked the best in the nation by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The Florida Families First budget will help ensure we stay number one by fully-funding the Department of Transportation’s Work Program, including projects to maintain and improve our roads and bridges. The budget also includes more than $278 million for development and enhancement of our seaports. We must build on the work we’ve started at our seaports to prepare for the post-Panama Canal expansion which will support job creation.”

The Florida Families First budget supports Governor Rick Scott’s commitment to making important transportation investments.

  • Seaport Funding: The Florida Families First budget provides more than $278 million to continue our state’s commitment to develop and enhance our 15 seaports.
  • DOT Work Program: The Florida Families First budget includes funding for the following proposed transportation projects:
  • West Central Florida projects include:
    • $246 million to add lanes and reconstruct I-75 from the Georgia state line to the Tampa Bay region;
    • $143 million to add lanes and rehabilitate pavement on I-75 in Pasco County, improving interstate capacity and allows for greater movement of people and freight through the corridor.
  • $61 million to add lanes and reconstruct on the Veteran’s Expressway from south of Gunn Highway to the Sugarwood Mainline Toll Plaza in Hillsborough County;
  • East Central Florida projects include:
    • $72 million to add lanes and rehabilitate pavement on State Road 50 in Orange County, relieving congestion on a major east-west corridor;$42.1 million to widen the entrance to the West Turn Basin in Port Canaveral in Brevard County, creating jobs and promoting economic opportunity for cargo and the cruise industry;
  • Southeast Florida projects include:
    • $291.9 million to add managed lanes on State Road 826 and on I-75 in Miami-Dade Country. It will expand regional managed lanes network in South Florida and provide alternate travel routes through congested urban areas;
    • $154 million to add lanes and reconstruct the Homestead Extension of the Florida Turnpike in Miami-Dade County;
  • Southwest Florida projects include:
    • $71.6 million to rehabilitate a bridge and add lanes on I-75 from State Road 80 to State Road 78.
    • $58.3 million to add lanes and reconstruct US 41 in Collier County to relieve congestion along a major corridor.
  • Northeast Florida projects include:
    • $98.9 million to construct a new expressway on State Road 23 (First Coast Outer Beltway) in Duval and Clay counties – providing a limited access, all electronic toll facility to promote the movement of people and freight;
    • $85.3 million to add managed lanes on I-295 in Duval County – alleviates congestion in the general use lane and provides long-term mobility by managing demand;
  • Northwest Florida projects include:
    • $50.1 million to add lanes and reconstruct I-10 in Escambia County – relieving congestion along the I-10 corridor.

Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Ananth Prasad said, “I appreciate Governor Scott’s leadership in making transportation a priority. Governor Scott knows that good transportation infrastructure is a key ingredient for a thriving economy.”

Florida Ports Council President Doug Wheeler said, “The economic impact of Florida’s ports continues to grow under the remarkable leadership of Governor Scott and FDOT Secretary Prasad. With Florida ports now making up 13 percent of Florida’s GDP, the numbers prove that the state’s investment in port infrastructure is working to grow our economy and jobs. This year’s investments will further support our ports strategic enhancements aimed at solidifying Florida’s position as a global hub for international trade.”

Florida Transportation Builders’ Association President Bob Burleson said, “Governor Scott consistently has shown he understands the importance of a good transportation system to Florida’s continued economic growth. This budget provides for the construction of projects that will allow Floridians to move about the state more quickly, move products to and from our ports and improve our quality of life, while also putting thousands of our citizens to work.”

Floridians for Better Transportation President Matthew D. Ubben said, “We applaud the Florida Legislature for advancing Governor Scott’s pro-transportation 2013-2014 budget recommendations during the recently concluded 60-day legislative session. The $9.5 billion dedicated to the transportation sector provides nearly $8.6 billion for projects throughout the state and allows the Florida Department of Transportation to make good on the Governor’s commitment to job creation.”

President of the Florida Concrete & Products Association Mike Murtha said, “Governor Scott and his administration are to be applauded by creating a dynamic budget that has moved our industry out of the darkness and into the dawn.”

Florida Transportation Commission Chairman Ron Howse said, “Our state leadership has shown great vision that in order for Florida to remain strong, as well as encouraging the expansion of out-of-state company interests, supporting local businesses and families, and protecting our quality of life, it may only be accomplished by expanding and strengthening a viable public transportation network through roads, highways, airports, rail and waterways. The Florida Transportation Commission applauds Governor Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature for their unwavering commitment of transportation funding in order to realize these economic development incentives and priorities which make Florida a better place to work and live.”

Florida MPO Advisory Council Executive Director Howard Glassman said, “The Governor’s increase in the state’s transportation budget supports needed improvements in Florida’s metropolitan areas as recommended by a revenue study developed by the Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council.”

Florida Public Transportation Association Executive Director Lisa M. Bacot said, “On behalf of the members of the Florida Public Transportation Association and all public transit users in the State of Florida, we greatly appreciate Governor Scott and the Legislature’s continued strong support for transit as shown in the 2013-2014 transportation budget. With record ridership numbers continuing across the state, we look forward to expanding and improving the transit services we provide, which not only advances the economy in Florida, but also decreases the cost of living for its citizens.”


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