Governor Scott and Commission Recommend Strategies to Improve Employment for Floridians with Disabilities

Today, Governor Rick Scott and the Governor’s Commission on Jobs for Floridians with Disabilities released its 2013 annual report.

Governor Rick Scott said, “I want every Floridian to have a job. That is why my Florida Families First Budget invests $36 million so individuals will be able to receive critical services that enhance the quality of life for families. Our budget also includes $500,000 to provide job training services for those who want to work. This funding will help another 200 people obtain jobs and live their version of the American Dream.”

Governor Scott created the Commission through Executive Order 11-161 to develop and recommend public policy solutions that will improve employment opportunities for these citizens. The Commission provides recommendations to help persons with disabilities better compete in the workforce and assist employers in recruiting and hiring candidates with disabilities who are willing and able to work.

These recommendations are intended to serve as critical steps to fulfill Governor Scott’s vision of improving employment opportunities for Floridians with disabilities. These strategies are designed to assist organizations, both within and outside of state government, to carry out these initiatives and create a business environment that is amenable to hiring persons with disabilities.

Moving forward, the Commission intends to continue its mission in identifying additional public policy solutions that will tackle the barriers confronting these individuals in the workforce.



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