Governor Rick Scott’s Weekly Radio Address 6/24/2011

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This is Governor Rick Scott. This week I signed three bills that cut the cost of government and make our state a safer place to live, work and play.

The first bill cuts next year’s property taxes for homeowners and businesses by more than $210-million-dollars. Lowering taxes is the most important step we can take to create jobs in our state.

This tax cut allows families and businesses to use more of their hard-earned money how they see best, instead of a government agency.

Next, I signed legislation to reform Florida’s retirement system. It will protect Florida’s government retirees, their pensions and Florida taxpayers.

State workers will now put 3-percent of their salaries toward their retirement – just like the private sector does. Without reform, Florida’s government pensions overburden our state’s taxpayers.

Last, I was honored to sign into law Silver Alerts that prevent tragedy when a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is missing. Silver Alerts help law enforcement officers find missing seniors who may be in a dangerous situation – and safely return them to their loved ones.

In closing, I ask you to keep in your prayers the families of the two firefighters who lost their lives battling wildfires in our state this week.

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