Governor Rick Scott’s Weekly Radio Address 5/06/2011

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During this legislative session, we have lowered taxes, streamlined government, and improved our education system. Florida is on the road to creating 700,000 private sector jobs and turning our economy around.

I promised during my campaign I would lower the property tax and phase out the business tax over the next seven years. In the first year we have phased out the business tax entirely for roughly half of those that paid it. That tax cut now frees up private-sector money for job creation and business expansion and makes Florida businesses more competitive.

We also delivered much-needed relief to homeowners by reducing property taxes by more than 200 million dollars. I committed to making government more efficient and reducing wasteful spending. During this session we reorganized agency functions and optimized them for economic development.

We eliminated the unnecessary red tape that slowed economic growth and we modernized our pension system. I promised to improve education, a vital component for personal success and for the success of the state. This spring we put our children first by passing the student success act, charter school and virtual school legislation that offer more choices for families.

I applaud the senate and the house for taking these great first steps to move our state in the right direction. In the coming months, I’ll begin putting these first pieces of my 7-7-7 plan into action. And together we can make the phrase, “Let’s Get to Work!” a reality for our great state.


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