Governor Rick Scott to Colorado Business Leaders: Get a One Way Ticket to Florida

Fresh off of the news that Florida added 2,300 private-sector jobs during the month of June and Florida experienced positive annual job growth for 35 consecutive months, last week Governor Rick Scott unveiled his “One Way” campaign for Colorado. This campaign is designed to attract businesses in the Rocky Mountain State to buy a one way plane ticket to Florida because of the Sunshine State’s business-friendly environment.

Governor Rick Scott said, “Our number one priority is to continue to make Florida the number one destination for business so we can continue to create jobs and opportunities for Florida families. Our ‘One Way’ campaign is a great way to let businesses in Colorado, and around the world, know that they are welcome in Florida.

“Florida’s economic formula is working – since December 2010, our unemployment rate has declined twice as fast as Colorado’s. According to Chief Executive magazine, Colorado ‘anti-business forces won 2012 elections and are delivering on promises.’ The magazine said Colorado is getting worse for business, and its ranking as a business friendly state dropped two places from last year.”

Since Governor Scott has taken office, businesses from around the globe have taken notice of the policies put into place to lower taxes, eliminate burdensome regulations and pay down state debt. It’s worked. During Florida’s incredible economic turnaround since the Governor took office, Florida’s unemployment rate has now dropped by 4 percentage points– the second biggest drop in the country, and private-sector businesses have created more than 333,000 new jobs.

Governor Scott’s entire letter to Colorado business leaders.


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