Governor Rick Scott Releases PIP Insurance Video

Following Tuesday’s call for PIP insurance reform, Governor Rick Scott is releasing a video that samples just a few of the stories he’s heard from everyday Floridians as he’s traveled the state.

You’ll find that video in the link below, but with the prevalence of PIP insurance fraud—especially in areas like Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando—we’re certain you could uncover a host of compelling stories from all walks of life.

For example:

Perry Snead (highlighted in the video) moved from Tallahassee to Tampa and watched her rates go up 60 percent because of PIP fraud. Not only did she have to worry about the financial pressure it added, but as an expecting mother, she now worries about finding herself the victim of one of these staged accidents that could injure her or her baby.

A man from Fort Lauderdale told Governor Scott he runs a small business that consists primarily of a traveling sales force. It’s the kind of operation where they can’t do business if they’re not on the road. But the skyrocketing costs of PIP insurance are eating away at the company’s revenue and he’s having a hard time staying profitable, let alone growing the business and creating jobs.

Video of staged accident: Courtesy Tampa Sheriff’s office

Tuesday, Governor Rick Scott and CFO Jeff Atwater made a call for insurance reform and announced four pillars that must be addressed to lower automobile insurance rates for Floridians. You may find that release at HERE.



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