Governor Rick Scott: Obama’s Tax Increases in SOTU Reflect His Commitment to Failed Policies

Some people learn from their mistakes, but you can’t say that about Obama – he is doubling down on his big government agenda.

Today, Governor Rick Scott released the following statement prior to President Obama’s State of the Union address tonight.

Governor Scott said, “The State of the Union presents an opportunity for President Obama to promote a vision for America’s future that empowers small businesses and families while curtailing the size and scope of government. Unfortunately, the President has chosen a different path, and while some people learn from their mistakes, you can’t say that about President Obama who is doubling down on his big government agenda.

“At the very moment when economic progress in the states is starting to produce nationwide results, President Obama has decided to expand tax and spend programs on the backs of hard working Americans. The massive tax increases proposed by the President reflect his commitment to the failed, liberal policies that were roundly rebuked by the American people in November.

“But the President’s way is not the only way. One need look no further than Florida for an example of conservative, anti-tax, free-market policies at work, and the results speak for themselves. We’ve cut taxes 40 times in the last four years and will cut another $1 billion in taxes over the next two. This year, our plan is to cut $470 million in state cell phone and TV taxes, saving every Florida family around $40 a year for spending as little as $100 a month between cell phone, cable and satellite bills. As we’ve stayed committed to cutting taxes in Florida, the free market has responded. In less than four years, Florida businesses have created 715,000 private sector jobs, every one of which means a better future for a Florida family. But our commitment to a better future for Florida families doesn’t stop there.

“Our focus on cutting taxes and expanding economic opportunity has allowed us to make strategic investments – in education, in the environment, in our ports and our roads – that will build on our current success to create a positive economic climate for generations to come. And we’ve done this while eliminating $7.5 billion in our state’s debt over the last four years.

“Our success in Florida is exactly what President Obama fails to understand: Cutting taxes and creating opportunity for all Americans allows the economy to thrive, and enables government to invest in priorities while maintaining fiscal responsibility. Raising taxes on the people in Florida and across the country will only stunt our economic growth, and further handicap our economy while the federal government spends its way into greater unsustainable debt.

“There’s a different way, Mr. President – a better way.

“Just like in Florida, we can stimulate the American economy without plunging deeper into debt, and we can invest in important government programs without raising taxes on our citizens. To ensure real economic progress over the next two years, the President should learn from Florida’s success. The state of the union depends on it.”


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