Governor Rick Scott Meets with Parents and Teachers in Jacksonville

Governor Rick ScottToday, Governor Rick Scott began his Education Listening Tour at Pinedale Elementary, where he met with students, teachers and parents and listened to their ideas on how to best prepare students for college and careers. The Governor was joined by interim Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart and Pinedale’s Principal, Alicia Hinson.

“It was great to meet with teachers and parents today who gave me ideas and suggestions on how to best prepare students for college or careers. The teachers also expressed ideas on how to retain talented educators in our schools and to provide consistent and fair measurement so that both teachers and students can understand what they will be measured on and how it relates to preparation for college and careers. The teachers also talked about the importance of rewarding educators for learning gains achieved through the school year.”

Following a meeting with teachers, Governor Scott visited an after school program in the school cafeteria and then met with parents of Pinedale students.

“The parents I met with were concerned, as all parents are, about preparing their kids for success in college or a future career. They expressed the importance of their children learning real-world skills that they will be able to apply after they leave high school. These parents care about their kids’ teachers and schools and want to find ways to support the work teachers do each day.”

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