Governor Rick Scott: Discovery of a Secret Waiting List at a VA Hospital in Florida is Appalling

Today, Governor Rick Scott released the following statement about the news that three employees from the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville have been placed on administrative leave after a secret waiting list was discovered. On April 14, the Agency for Health Care Administration’s inspectors attempted to visit the same VA hospital—they entered at 10:30am and left at 11:07am, having not been able to review any documents.

“I am appalled to learn that Florida’s brave veterans have been unnecessarily forced to wait for care they deserve to have provided timely. The discovery of a secret waiting list further heightens my concerns about the federal VA hospital system and how it is failing Florida’s veterans. Given this news, I am asking the Agency for Health Care Administration’s inspectors to attempt a revisit at the VA hospital in Gainesville.

“Earlier this week, I called for an independent thorough analysis and I renew that call today. The VA has repeatedly denied Florida’s experienced hospital inspectors and the Freedom of Information Act request for documentation has yet to be acknowledged. I will continue to focus a light on concerns at the VA until they are willing to be transparent. I have met a lot of public servants that work in VA hospitals who care about our heroes, but we must continue to call for accountability from their leadership. The men and women who have fought to defend our county and our freedom deserve more from the VA system.”


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