Governor Rick Scott Awards Sumter County Officer with the Medal of Heroism

During today’s Cabinet meeting, Governor Rick Scott recognized Corporal Alan Hamilton of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office with the Medal of Heroism for his bravery and quick actions during a dangerous situation.

Governor Scott said, “Corporal Hamilton was willing to put his own life in danger in order to protect the lives of those around him, and did not hesitate to respond when his help was needed. Florida is proud to be the home of many law enforcement heroes like Corporal Alan Hamilton, and we will continue to recognize their courage and service to our communities.”

Sumter County Sheriff William O. Farmer, Jr., said, “Corporal Hamilton’s actions that day exemplify the finest traditions of the Law Enforcement profession and that of a Florida Deputy Sheriff. I am proud to have nominated him for this award and join all of Sumter County in recognizing Corporal Hamilton’s service and bravery.”

Corporal Alan Hamilton

In 2014, Corporal Alan Hamilton was off duty with his wife at a movie theater in Wesley Chapel, Florida, when a nearby argument between two men escalated into one of the individuals being shot by the other. Corporal Hamilton swiftly moved to the armed subject, disarmed him, secured evidence and directed emergency care for the person shot. Even though he was unarmed, Corporal Hamilton bravely and immediately took action to prevent further violence and protect the other people around him.


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