Governor Rick Scott Attends Veteran Home Celebration

Today, Governor Rick Scott attended the home celebration of Army Staff Sergeant Visala Tui and his family, who were gifted a mortgage-free home from the charity organization Building Homes for Heroes.


Governor Rick Scott said, “It was an honor to join Building Homes for Heroes in presenting Army Staff Sergeant Visala Tui and his family with their dream home here in the Sunshine State. We were proud to include $2 million in funding for Building Homes for Heroes in our ‘It’s Your Money Tax Cut Budget,’ so even more veterans can receive homes for their families and live the American Dream here in Florida.”


Building Homes for Heroes president Andy Pujol said, “We’re honored to gift this mortgage-free home to Army Staff Sergeant Visala Tui and family. He served our country for 14½ years, and, as an Army combat medic, he carried out frontline trauma care on the battlefield under the most stressful and challenging conditions. He’s truly an American hero. Thanks to remarkable support received from the Florida House of Representatives, the Florida Senate, Governor Scott’s office, and donors throughout the state, we hope to gift 30 to 40 mortgage-free homes to injured veterans in Florida in one year’s time.”


Building Homes for Heroes is a national, non-profit organization that gifts mortgage-free homes that meet the personalized needs of veterans and their families. To further assist veterans, the organization also offers financial planning services, family funding, and emergency support to provide the new homeowners with advice and guidance to maintain their home and plan for a successful future.

Staff Sergeant Visala Tui
Army Staff Sergeant Visala Tui joined the military in 1997 and served his country for just over 14 years as a combat medic. During his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, Staff Sergeant Tui was exposed to numerous IED explosions, indirect fire, mortar rounds and multiple vehicle rollovers. Staff Sergeant Tui lost his best friend, Corporal Billy Gomez, in a convoy ambush and IED blast during a mission in Afghanistan. Staff Sergeant Tui’s injuries from his deployments include traumatic brain injury, severe sleep apnea, severe arthritis in his ankles, PTSD, and injuries to his shoulders, lower back, knees, and left side. He must undergo further surgical procedures to treat his injuries, and this new home will greatly aid Staff Sergeant Tui and his family during his recovery.


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