Governor Rick Scott Accepts Bids for State Airplanes Saving Floridians Millions of Dollars

State Airplane

Feb 11 2011; Tallahassee, Fla.In fulfillment of another campaign promise, Governor Rick Scott today has directed the Department of Management Services to accept two bids that were revealed earlier this week. This sale of two state-owned airplanes will net the state of Florida more than $560,000 in savings this fiscal year, and it will eliminate the annual operating and leasing costs of $2.4 million per year.

“Just as Florida’s families and businesses are forced to do more with less, state government must do the same,” remarked Governor Scott. “Burdening taxpayers with these ongoing expenses is irresponsible and not a core function for government to meet the state’s critical needs.”

The move continues Governor Scott’s commitment to rein in state spending and reduce both the size and scope of government in Florida.

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