Governor Scott Welcomes International Indian Film Academy Representatives and Guests to Tampa Bay

During the International Indian Film Academy opening press conference this afternoon, Governor Rick Scott welcomed the Indian Film Fraternity and the IIFA contingent to Florida. Each year, the International Indian Film Academy celebrates Indian cinema in a picturesque international destination, thus showcasing the rich culture and heritage of the host country. This is the first year the event in being held in the United States.

Governor Scott said, “With all this area has to offer, it is no surprise the International Indian Film Academy chose Tampa Bay for their first gala in the United States. Florida’s turnaround and economic success are possible in part because of the tourism industry and events like this one. Because of the hard work of Florida families, our improved economic climate, and the strategic investments we are making in our tourism industry, we have made impressive gains in tourism and had a record setting year in 2013 with 94.7 million visitors to Florida.”

The 15th annual International Indian Film Academy’s (IIFA) Weekend & Awards is coming to Tampa in June 2014. Previously, it has gone to cities such as London, Johannesburg, Toronto, Amsterdam and Bangkok. Supporters say previous IIFA weekends have generated some 24,000 hotel room nights and poured $18 million or more into the local economy.

IIFA’s organizers expect this event to generate $30 million immediate economic impact. In the 11 countries that IIFA has been to before, there’s been an increase in tourism of 30 percent to 40 percent after IIFA. The awards are watched by 800 million people in 110 countries.


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