Gov. Scott Underscores Importance of Eliminating Barriers to Build Up Florida Manufacturing Jobs

Today, Governor Rick Scott visited Hernon Manufacturing’s world headquarters to highlight his commitment to eliminating sales taxes for investments on manufacturing equipment. Earlier this month Governor Scott announced his Building Up Florida Manufacturing Jobs proposal, intended to help small manufacturing business grow and offer more opportunities for Florida families.

Governor Scott was joined by founders and brothers Harry and Josef Arnon, as well as other employees who have contributed to the company’s success. “When manufacturers purchase equipment in our state, they are investing in Florida for years to come. We want more manufacturers to move to Florida, and our existing manufacturing companies, like Hernon, to buy the equipment they need to grow and create more jobs to support Florida families,” said Governor Scott. “Hernon Manufacturing is in the process of expanding and growing their business, and I look forward to the legislature supporting their efforts by eliminating the tax this coming session.”

“Smaller companies struggle to get the funds needed to purchase equipment, which in turn will enable them to hire more Floridians,” said President of Hernon, Harry Arnon. “I applaud Governor Scott for his Building Up Florida Manufacturing initiative and I hope the legislature will support it so more companies can move and expand here.”

Hernon Manufacturing Inc., founded in the basement of Harry and Josef’s Arnon’s home in Queen’s New York, has been headquartered in Sanford, Florida since 1990. They are aworldwide innovator of high performance adhesive sealants and precision dispensing equipment, offering more than 30 years of engineering experience. Hernon offers solutions to recognized international companies in applications such as automotive, electrical, electronics, communication, aerospace, appliances, military ammunition, power generation and transportation.


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