Gov. Scott: This Session Paves the Way for a Brighter Future

Today, Governor Rick Scott issued the following statement upon Sine Die of the 2014 Florida Legislative Session.

Governor Scott said, “A little more than four years ago, taxes were raised on hard working Florida families, students saw their tuition rates rise, and many children who were raised in our communities were denied the same opportunities that their friends and peers enjoyed.

“We cut $500 million in taxes and fees on families by rolling back the 2009 tax increase on motor vehicle registrations. We’ve also secured tax holidays that let Floridians better protect their families for hurricanes and better prepare our students for the classroom.

“Moreover, while the previous administration raised tuition on families and opposed efforts to offer in-state tuition for some Florida students, we’ve remained committed to making an affordable education accessible to every Floridian. Thanks to the help of the Legislature, we’ve paved the way for a better and brighter future, where every Florida family has the opportunity to live the American dream.”


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