Gov. Scott: Our Fight to Hold the Line on College Tuition Will Save Families an Estimated $700 Million

Governor Rick Scott celebrated the Florida Prepaid College Board’s announcement today about record-setting plan sales. Total prepaid plan sales for the first week of open enrollment were up 208% over last year, with more than 6,000 plans purchased by Florida families. The surge in sales is credited to lower plan prices that were made possible because of House Bill 851, which passed during the 2014 Legislative Session and was signed by Governor Scott.

Governor Scott said, “Earlier this year, we reversed the previous administration’s tuition hikes, which allowed the Florida Prepaid College Board to reduce the cost of their plans for all Floridians. Lowering the cost of tuition helps parents save for their child’s future, and the Florida Prepaid’s announcement today shows that thousands of Florida families have benefitted from our work to make college affordable. Every Florida child should have the opportunity to earn a college degree at an affordable price so that they can live their dreams in our state.”


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