Governor Scott: Improved Economic Forecast Puts Florida in Even Better Position for $500 Million in Tax/Fee Cuts

Governor Rick Scott released the following statement today, regarding the Revenue Estimating Conference’s December 6th update that Florida’s FY 2013-14 revenues are expected to rise by $95.7 million and FY 2014-15 revenues are expected to rise by $225.7 million over the previous forecast:

“Florida’s improved economic forecast means we are in an even better position to give $500 million in taxes and fees back to Florida families. After all, it’s their money. Our ‘It’s Your Money’ $500 million tax and fee cut will be a central part of the budget we roll out in January.

“The improved economic forecast also means we will once again invest in critical areas – like education, healthcare, and transportation infrastructure. Additionally, we are confident that we will be able to hold the line on tuition for another year, as we encourage colleges and universities to graduate students in high-demand job areas by again investing in targeted performance funding. Performance funding for higher education means we will reward those schools who graduate students with degrees that help them start a career.”


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