Gov. Scott Highlights $50 Million Investment for Cancer Research

Today, Governor Rick Scott highlighted a $50 million investment from the 2013-2014 Florida Families First budget for cancer research activities across the state. The Governor highlighted the investment at the Moffit Cancer Research Center in Tampa, which is nationally recognized as a leading treatment and research institution, and is designated by the National Cancer Institute as a Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Governor Scott said, “Thanks to modern medicine, many individuals who are diagnosed with common types of cancers can be treated and live longer lives. It’s the more complex form of cancers, however, that create more of a challenge for families and doctors. Treatment of these complex cancers requires more research and development, and also the best and brightest among the medical profession. That’s why in our Florida Families First budget we were able to work with the Legislature to invest $50 million in cancer research centers across the state. Here at Moffitt, we invested more than $10 million to support their cancer research activities.”

Included in the investments is funding for research at three Florida Cancer Centers: including:

  • H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute: $10.4 M
  • Shands Cancer Hospital at the University of Florida: $10.4 M
  • Sylvester Cancer Center at the University of Miami: $10.4 M

Of the $50 million, $20 million is also invested in Peer-Review Grant Programs, which facilitates groundbreaking research for the James and Esther King Biomedical Research Program and the William G. “Bill” Bankhead, Jr. and David Coley Cancer Research Program.

“Florida is developing an innovative, comprehensive System for Cancer Research and Collaboration,” said State Surgeon General and Secretary of Health Dr. John Armstrong. “Governor Scott and the legislature are providing tremendous leadership for peer-reviewed cancer research that is improving life for Florida’s families.”

At the press conference, Governor Scott also highlighted Aderans, a Japanese company looking to invest in in-house salons at cancer centers where patients undergoing chemotherapy will be able to receive custom styled wigs. Aderans began their investment in Florida by acquiring the Hair Club of Boca Raton for $163 million, which retained 150 jobs in Florida.

Governor Scott continued, “Last month I traveled to Japan on an economic development mission and met Aderans who is looking to develop more opportunities in Florida. Their goal is to create in-house salons in cancer centers where patients undergoing chemotherapy will be able to receive custom styled wigs. We are pleased Aderans is looking to continue to make an investment in Florida and for their commitment to helping people who have to battle this terrible disease.”

“I want to thank Aderans for their presence in Florida and their continued interest in investing in the state,” said Enterprise Florida President & CEO Gray Swoope. “Sharing Florida’s business story with international audiences is critical to our continued efforts to attract foreign direct investment (FDI). FDI is incredibly important, with more than 236,000 Floridians employed as a direct result of those investments. We will continue working to bring more FDI, jobs and great companies like Aderans to Florida.”


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