Governor Scott celebrates opening of I-595 reversible express lanes

– Largest transportation construction project in the State of Florida opens-

Governor Rick Scott today was joined by South Florida officials to celebrate the opening of the I-595 reversible express lanes in Broward County. The I-595 Express Corridor Improvements Project is a Public Private Partnership (P3) between FDOT and I 595 Express, LLC. The company is responsible for the design, construction, finance, operation and maintenance of the 10.5-mile-long corridor for 35 years. The lead contractor was Dragados-USA.

Governor Scott said, “When I took office this project was significantly behind schedule, prospects for finishing on time were diminishing, and it looked as though the project would be postponed another six to nine months. However thanks to the work of FDOT were are able to work to get this project back on track, and even hit some of our project milestones ahead of schedule. This Public Private Partnership has enabled us to work with businesses to improve the lives of families in Broward County. Now, we have created an environment where we can advance other Private Public Partnerships around the state, and continue to grow jobs for Florida families and businesses.”

The project began in February 2010 and consisted of the reconstruction of the I-595 mainline from the I-75/Sawgrass Expressway interchange to the I-595/I-95 interchange on I-595, a total of 10.5 miles, and on Florida’s Turnpike from Peters Road to Griffin Road for 2.5 miles.

Senator Jeff Brandes said, “Once again, Governor Scott and FDOT have stepped up to the plate to offer consumers the opportunity to enjoy travel time reliability through 595 express. This project is outstanding for our transportation future and has created jobs for Florida families.”

Senator Jeremy Ring said, “The I-595 Public-Private Partnership got it right. The project was on time and on budget. No days were added to the original contract time and all major milestones have been achieved on or before schedule.”

Senator Maria Lorts Sachs said, “Florida’s economy can only grow when there is a strong and vibrant infrastructure. The 595 Express project is a prime example of how Broward County is leading the way in meeting tomorrow’s transportation needs.”

Representative Seth McKeel said, “I applaud Governor Scott and FDOT for continuing to support growth in Florida’s infrastructure. The Express Lanes will help relieve congestion on the I-595 mainline and reduce delays and lower driving hours for everyone.”

Representative Ed Hooper said, “The use of reversible, managed lanes to improve travel on a much-used urban highway exemplifies Governor Scott and FDOT’s penchant for bold and innovative solutions. 595 Express will serve as a model of transportation success in Florida and throughout the country. Business centers along the corridor will surely reap the benefits.”

Representative Daniel Davis said, “Governor Scott understands that we must continue to invest in critical transportation projects to enable Florida to meet demand for future growth. Residents, businesses and visitors alike will enjoy the benefits of 595 express.”

Representative Carlos Trujillo said, “Every motorist who uses the I-595 Express for their morning and evening commute will benefit from this new project. These lanes will greatly enhance driver safety and mobility, we thank Governor Scott and FDOT for their commitment to making life better for South Florida families.”

Representative Manny Diaz, Jr. said, “595 Express is a key piece of the South Florida Express Lanes Network. As other individual facilities and corridors, such as 95 Express, State Road 826/836 and 75 Express are completed, motorists will have a seamless and reliable network for regional travel throughout South Florida, thanks to Governor Scott and FDOT.”

Representative George Moraitis said, “More than 275 local companies have been employed on 595 Express, with more than 2,000 employees per month working directly on the project. The benefits to the local economy with the completion of this significant project will be tremendous for many years to come. I would like to thank Governor Scott, our Legislature and the Florida Department of Transportation for improving the lives of Florida families through this project.”

Secretary Ananth Prasad said, “595 Express is an exceptional example of how cooperation with the private sector has enabled the department to accelerate delivery of a much needed transportation project. By working together we were able to make this outstanding project a reality. Particularly noteworthy is that a project of this magnitude was delivered on-time and on-budget.”

Three reversible express lanes link SR 84, I-75 and the Sawgrass Expressway in western Broward County with Florida’s Turnpike, I-95, U.S. 1, Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport and Port Everglades to the east. There are entrances and exits to the express lanes in each direction.

All motor vehicles, including trucks, will be allowed to use the express lanes. When toll collection begins, it will be done electronically using SunPass. Tolls will be based on a system known as congestion pricing. The amount of the tolls will vary depending on traffic volumes and will be displayed on electronic signs prior to the entry points to the express lanes. Tolls will be higher during peak hours when there are more commuters on the highway and lower during non-peak hours.

Other features of the project include the addition of auxiliary lanes on the I-595 mainline, braided ramps and bridges between I-595 and SR 84, sound barrier walls provided noise abatement for 20 communities, construction of the New River Greenway and Express Bus service within the corridor. For more information on the project, please visit


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