Gov. Scott Awards Two Businesses With Governor’s Business Ambassador Award

During today’s meeting of the Florida Cabinet, Governor Rick Scott recognized Oglesby Plants International, of Altha, and Municipal Code Corporation, of Tallahassee, for their commitment to providing opportunities to Florida families and having a long-lasting impact on the economy of their local communities. The Governor’s Business Ambassador Award is given to individuals for their efforts in creating jobs and opportunities for Florida families.

Governor Scott said, “It is an honor to present the Business Ambassador Award to Oglesby Plants International and Municipal Code Corporation for their dedication to creating jobs and opportunities in their communities. In almost three years, Florida has added 440,900 private sector jobs and the unemployment rate has dropped from 11.1 to 6.7 percent. Our goal is to create an opportunity economy in Florida where businesses can create jobs for generations to come, and I applaud Oglesby Plants International and Municipal Corporation for the steps they are taking to make this goal a reality.”

Oglesby Plants International – Oglesby Plants is a leading supplier of high-quality, young plants for commercial growers around the world in the ornamental plant industry. Oglesby Plants was founded by Raymond P. Oglesby in 1947 and today operates in Calhoun County where they employ over 90 employees who enjoy working with plants.

Municipal Code Corporation – Municipal Code is a family-owned business that has been operating in Tallahassee for over 62 years. Municipal code is a legal publishing company that specializes in the codification of municipal law. Municipal Code is the leading codifier in the country with 400 municipal customers in Florida and 3,100 across the country. In addition to its core business, they have two additional businesses that include a document-management and scanning company, as well as a utility billing business. In total, Municipal Code Corporation employs over 160 employees from the immediate five-county area.


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