Gov. Rick Scott to CA Businesses: Get a One Way Ticket to Florida

Following up from Governor Rick Scott’s recent letter to Illinois business owners urging them to book a one way ticket to Florida, he has contacted California businesses urging them to come to the Sunshine State to enjoy Florida’s business friendly environment.

Governor Scott said, “Every day we are focused on creating an environment where businesses can succeed so they can create more opportunities for Florida’s families. Earlier this week, I unveiled my ‘One Way’ campaign to let businesses across the country know that they are welcome- and will succeed- in Florida. It is working in Florida and it is clear that California’s formula of more taxing and more spending isn’t working.”

“California’s general sales tax is the highest in the nation; their gasoline taxes are the highest in the nation; their personal income tax is the highest in the nation; and their corporate income tax is 60 percent higher than Florida’s. Unlike Florida, it is clear California does not have a climate for businesses to succeed.”

Last week, Governor Scott announced that Florida’s unemployment rate is below the national average at 7.5 percent. California’s unemployment rate of 9.4% is among the highest in the nation.

Read Governor Scott’s entire letter to all California business leaders.


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