Governor Rick Scott, Governor Jeb Bush and Governor Bob Martinez Celebrate Lowering the Cost of Tuition for All Florida Students

Today, Governor Rick Scott and former Governors Jeb Bush and Bob Martinez applauded the passage of HB 851, lowering tuition for all Florida students.

Governor Rick Scott said, “The Florida Legislature embraced fairness for all students today by taking action to lower the costs of higher education for every family in Florida. Students who have spent their childhood here in Florida deserve to qualify for the same in-state tuition. We are trying to right the wrongs of the previous administration that raised the price of a college education and opposed providing in-state tuition for children of immigrants. The Legislature did the right thing, and I look forward to signing this historic legislation.”

Governor Jeb Bush said, “Today, the Florida Legislature passed landmark legislation to ensure all Florida students have easier and more affordable access to our exceptional colleges and universities. It is not only the right thing to do, but it will fulfill an economic imperative to keep and capitalize on the talent in our state, making our future workforce more globally competitive than ever. Florida succeeded in doing what the federal government has failed to do – take real steps to address our nation’s serious immigration challenges. I applaud Governor Scott, Speaker Weatherford and the Florida Legislature for their strong leadership.”

Governor Bob Martinez said, “Thanks to the leadership of Governor Scott, the Legislature just took a huge step forward in building a better and brighter future for Florida’s children. An education isn’t meaningful unless it’s accessible, and this soon to be law will provide more Florida students in our communities the access they need to pursue careers that make Florida a better place for families to thrive and succeed. I have no doubt that generations of Floridians will benefit from the good work of Governor Scott and this Florida Legislature.”


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