Gov. Rick Scott Awards Two with the Medal of Heroism

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – During today’s Cabinet meeting, Governor Rick Scott recognized Deputy Sheriff Daniel Grant, of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, and Engineer Ray Jones, of the Indian River County Fire Rescue, with Medals of Heroism for their courageous actions and service to Florida families.

Governor Scott said, “I am honored to present Deputy Sheriff Grant and Engineer Jones with Medals of Heroism today for their selflessness and courage. These brave first responders were the first in line to put their own lives in danger in order to save the life of another. Florida first responders like Deputy Sheriff Grant and Engineer Jones risk their lives each day to keep our homes and families safe, which is why I was proud to proclaim last week First Responder’s Appreciation Week. I join all Floridians in thanking Florida’s first responders for their service.”

Deputy Sheriff Daniel Grant
Deputy Sheriff Daniel Grant has been a member of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office since January 2012. On May 22, 2013, while patrolling in Lakeland, Deputy Sheriff Daniel Grant was approached by a mother fearful that her son was going to take his own life. Deputy Grant followed her to her residence where he observed her son with a revolver in his hand. Deputy Grant sought cover and radioed for backup while attempting to reason with him until other members of Deputy Grant’s squad arrived to help remove the mother from danger. Deputy Grant watched the individual attempt to end his own life, but fortunately the gun misfired and the victim lowered the weapon. Without fear for his own safety, Deputy Grant took this opportunity to rush him and prevent another suicide attempt. The actions of Deputy Grant and the other members of his team prevented a tragedy that day.

Sheriff Grady Judd said, “The heroic actions of Deputy Grant and the support of his team members certainty prevented a tragedy no one could endure. Deputy Grant has accomplished what others have only thought about; saving a human life.”

Engineer Ray Jones
In the evening of October 2010, the Indian River County Fire Rescue responded to the report of a structure fire located off Dixie Highway. The response crew was able to extinguish the fire but upon exiting the structure, Firefighter Chesnutt grabbed the top rail of a chain link fence to steady himself and remove debris wrapped around his leg. Unbeknownst to him, the fence was energized from an unknown electrical source and Firefighter Chesnutt was unable to free himself from the electrocution. Engineer Jones was the first to realize the situation and without regard for his own safety, he tackled Firefighter Chesnutt to the ground. In the process, both firefighters were electrocuted and transported to the hospital. It is thanks to Engineer Jones’ quick actions that Firefighter Chesnutt is alive today.

Assistant Chief Brian Burkeen said, “Firefighter Chesnutt is alive today due only to Engineer Ray Jones’s heroic actions. I believe that Ray’s actions portray the true intent of the Medal of Heroism award by demonstrating extraordinary heroism in going above and beyond the call of duty.”


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