Governor Rick Scott Announces Funding for Officer Training in “It’s Your Money” Tax Cut Budget

Florida Governor Rick Scott today announced $3.2 million in funding for Florida law enforcement training as part of the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Trust Fund in the 2014-2015 “It’s Your Money” Tax Cut budget.

Governor Scott said, “Florida’s law enforcement officers deserve to have the tools they need to keep Florida families and communities safe. Florida’s 43-year low in crime is due in large part to the quality and training of our officers. To continue this trend our officers need the proper training and funding for that training. My proposed budget will help ensure that Floridians remain among the safest they have ever been.”

The $3.2 million in funding for the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Trust Fund will allow the trust fund to raise the funding allocation from $40 to $67 per officer/student. The trust fund’s primary revenue source (92%) is from a $3 court cost added to fines and penalties from persons convicted of a crime. Because fewer court fee dollars were collected, less money in the trust fund was available for training than in past years. All state and local law enforcement and correctional officers are eligible to receive funding from the trust fund for approved training.

Senator Rob Bradley said, “Proper training for our law enforcement is important for them to do their jobs. Governor Scott’s announcement today is welcome news.”

Representative Charles McBurney added, “The Governor’s funding proposal shows he is committed to the safety of Florida’s families by increasing important law enforcement training.”

Florida Police Chiefs Association President and Panama City Chief Philip Thorne said, “Governor Scott recognizes that trained officers are key to reducing crime in Florida’s communities. The funding of the trust fund for additional training classes is important to maintain a high level of training.”

“Governor Scott has been a strong supporter of Florida law enforcement. This enhancement reflects his continuing commitment to the State’s lowering crime rate,” said Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey.


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