Florida’s Students Get Back to School

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Throughout August, Florida families will be sending their children back to school. I would like to thank the Florida House and Senate again for answering my call to increase education funding in Florida by $1 billion. Education is one of the best investments we can make, and if we do it right, we’ll be sure to get a great return on that investment. We must continue to make educating Florida’s students a priority.

Ensuring the children of our state can get a quality education will pay off down the road, and it will ensure they are ready to compete for tomorrow’s jobs. With programs like last weekend’s sales tax holiday and summer literacy initiatives, we are working to help Florida families prepare their children for success in the classroom.

So, for everyone who is going back to school, or sending a child back to school – good luck! I hope for your success. And together we’ll keep Florida moving in the right direction.


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