~With approval in final four districts, all of the state’s teachers receiving a portion of Governor Scott’s historic $480 million pay raise~

Governor Rick Scott’s historic pledge to provide $480 million in pay raises to teachers was fulfilled this month with approval of the distribution in four districts.

Educators in DeSoto, Indian River, Monroe and Walton counties began receiving the pay increase this month, joining teachers in nearly 70 other districts where local official had previously approved the plan.

“Florida’s teachers are the best in the nation and they have earned this increase,” said Governor Scott. “I am proud that the Legislature supported my effort this year to continue the $480 million increase in the upcoming school year as well.”

Last year, lawmakers approved Governor Scott’s proposal to specifically set aside $480 million for teacher pay raises – the first time the state budget had ever included money targeted for teacher pay increases. Local approval was required to determine how to distribute the money within each district pursuant to negotiations with teachers and others.

“With teachers across the state now receiving this hard-earned increase, I’m hopeful that districts will respond more quickly in the upcoming year to ensure the increase continues,” said Governor Scott.


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