Space Florida (SF) was created in 2006 as a independent special district to foster the growth and development of a sustainable and world-leading aerospace industry in this state. SF promotes aerospace business development by facilitating business financing, spaceport operations, research and development, workforce development, and innovative education programs. SF is the single point of contact for state aerospace-related activities with federal agencies, the military, state agencies, businesses, and the private sector. SF also works to develop the nation’s fledgling space tourism industry. It has financed visitor facilities at Kennedy Space Center, provided site location assistance to new space tourism businesses, and advocated at the federal level for space tourism initiatives. (Formerly Florida Space Authority established in 1989)

Space Florida
SPFL M6-306 Room 9030
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899
Telephone: (321) 730-5301
Fax: (321) 730-5307


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