Task Force on Citizens Safety and Protection

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Final Task Force Report

Please note: The State of Florida has very extensive Public Records Laws. Practically all written communications to or from this email address are public records obtainable by the public upon request. Additionally, in an effort to further the goal of government transparency, unless expressly exempt or confidential by law, beginning on Wednesday, May 16, all public-record emails sent to this address will be posted on Florida’s SUNBURST website (www.flgov.com/sunburst) for viewing by the Task Force Members and the public.

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More Information About the task force

Executive Summary of Citizen Correspondence

Postal Correspondence Received by the Governor’s Office- A

Postal Correspondence Received by the Governor’s Office-B

Phone Calls Received by the Governor’s Office

Mission Statement, Scope of Work and Guiding Principles



Map of Task Force Members and Meeting Locations

Florida Statute 776

Governor Rick Scott Announces New State Attorney and Task Force in Response to Trayvon Martin Incident

Governor Scott, Lt. Governor Carroll Launch Task Force on Citizen Safety and Protection


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