Air Force General Bunch updates Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll

Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll To facilitate ongoing dialogue and further develop relationships with military partners, Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll met with the newly restructured Air Force Materiel Command, Commander Brigadier General Arnold Bunch, Jr. and the 96th Test Wing Commander at Eglin Air Force Base, Brigadier General David Harris to get a status update on the recent consolidation completion required by BRAC 2005 of the Air Force Materiel Command. General Bunch reassured Lt. Gov. Carroll that he was committed to getting the desired mission at Eglin to increase efficiency and effectiveness to stand up the mission and support all personnel. He also stated that, “no jobs or pay were lost at Eglin due to the consolidation.” The consolidation will realize $109 million/year cost avoidance to the Air Force.

Lt. Gov. Carroll raised concerns about the looming national security threat of cyber terrorism and asked General Bunch’s help to grow more mission opportunities for the 96th Test Wing to be the leader in the Air Force for research and development of counter cyber security measures. Lt Gov Carroll stated that, “there is a great opportunity for Florida to utilize the talent and extraordinary asset at the Wing to consolidate a cross section of departments and agencies to enhance and conduct proper systems test and development to combat the next greatest threat to our nation.”

General Bunch was pleased with his visit to Florida and applauded Lt. Gov. Carroll’s efforts to advance the Gulf Regional Airspace Strategic Initiative. He stated that, “other states see what Florida is doing and they want to implement the same measures to enhance their bases.”


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